Spiderman and ironman fanfiction

AN: Here's the next chap. Sorry for not updating. I had no internet access there for a while and I'm lazy. The memories danced before me, but none of them were incriminating yet. I was so small that I couldn't comprehend our financial problems and Harry wasn't there for me to worry about.

It was peaceful, and I was never alone. Tony appearing over me woke me from the slumber Loki had put me under in order to look at my memories. All of the Avengers were currently present, and Thor was locking his brother's hands into cuffs.

I blinked around, confused, "Did I miss something? The Avengers cracked smiles in widows and Cap's case or bust into full out laughter in every one else' case. I sat up slowly, head pounding and feeling extremely weak.

Tony collapsed on the couch beside me, smiling and happy. I looked at the other Avengers and raised my hand in greeting. The others came to join us in the sitting room, perching on couches and sitting on the floor in the Hulk's case. Now we looked at the shirtless and now de-morphed Bruce. He gave us a humorless smile, "If they don't lock the monster up, back to where they took me from.

I looked hard at Bruce. He couldn't possibly think… after all he did for the other Avengers and his ruthless grip on the deepest part of himself, the ugly part the best of heroes sometimes can't keep under control, he can't possibly think he's a monster!

But he did. His shifting feet and dropping gaze spoke of shame, where he ought to feel proud. The others had already moved on to Thor, excepting Bruce's answer, "I will go back to Asgard with my brother. I let out a loud peal of laughter followed by several uncontrollable snorts, Tony chuckled too. My most precious secret was in his hands, and he intended to take me out with him. So I looked him straight in the eyes and with a simple sentence took all his power away, "Go ahead and tell them.

I don't mind. He blinked, bewildered, and then his face turned to one of understanding. I looked at all of the small group's faces. I didn't know them well now, and they weren't yet family, but they would be. I could feel it; these people would be closer to me than anyone else would ever be, and the least they deserved would be to know that I was like them.

spiderman and ironman fanfiction

I may have been reluctant before, with Loki, but now it was time to come clean to my dad and the heroes of the world. Tony noticed their confused looks and clapped his hands.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Irondad and Spiderson! Focus: Movies Avengers, Since: Founder: choco-muncher - Stories: 81 - Followers: 56 - id: This is a community for the stories that shows Tony Stark and Peter Parker in a father and son relationship that I like. You can find a few friendship fics here as well.

I recently got into these stories and I can't find a community for this so I made one! Mr Stark by psychicchameleon reviews "Would it kill you to call me Tony? What if Peter really had gotten an internship with Tony Stark? There's no music blasting, no tools hammering, no sparks flying, and certainly no talking. Tony and Peter sit at their respective workbenches in silence. Peter is upset but won't tell Tony why.

Of course, they devolve into a full blown argument. Infinite Possible Ways to Meet You by Arsad reviews There are countless different realities out there; in every one of them, Tony and Peter have always been part of each other's lives.

Or the one where Peter somehow ends up working as an actual intern and they all get more than they bargained for in the process.

Karma is a Universal Constant by PokeyDotes reviews Tony was fully aware that he had to answer for all of his actions. He just didn't realize the Universe was keeping tabs. Stark saying the exact same thing. Tony is a total dad, Ned is a hopeless Fanboy, and Peter simply sucks at following directions.

One time was aware of it. Peter Parker Prompts by EmilyF.

Or that I stumble upon somewhere else. Or: Peter Parker is unapologetically a geek and Tony quickly realizes that there's nothing he wouldn't do for him. A Trip Home by EmilyF.

Tony Stark X Peter Parker--Umbrella

Peter doesn't want to go. Featuring Dad! Tony and Adorable! Takes place during the two-year period between Spider Man: Homecoming and Endgame! It raises some questions about the exact nature of his Stark Internship. Set after Homecoming and before the photo was taken.

You know the one I'm talking about. Like a lot. To a suspicious amount, especially if you don't know he's Spider-Man. So, 5 times someone thought Peter Parker was Tony's kid and they were wrong. And, well, the one time they were right. Okay, so he's not biologically Tony's but I mean, it doesn't matter either way. May, who's still getting used to her nephew being Spider-Man, has no idea what's going on or how to help him.

It doesn't help that Peter also has to deal with Flash's rude comments.Hope you enjoy!! The mansion that sat high on the Malibu cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean was dark. Below, waves lapped noisily against the rocks and the full moon shimmered on the water. It would have been a peaceful night. A shadowy figure broke the calm by springing onto the roof from the gloom that surrounded the house. He crawled across the tiles, heading for one of the large windowed walls.

Inside, Tony Stark lay sleeping peacefully in his king-sized bed. He heard nothing as the intruder crept slowly across the ceiling, intent on finding a way into the house.

The mansion's security system was down, its computerized operator JARVIS going through a scheduled maintenance upgrade. Tony had never felt vulnerable in his house and never hesitated to leave the household systems off for a night. He did not stir in his sleep as the dark figure come closer and closer to where he lay. The house did not creak — Tony had designed in infrastructure himself to be immune to the normal sounds of settling. The figure slowly opened a window that led into the bathroom off of the master bedroom.

He climbed inside, clinging to the ceiling, and let the wind blow the window frame against the outside wall. There was nothing. Turning on the light on his nightstand, he threw off the sheet and stood up beside his bed. He sounded unconcerned, but inside he was uneasy. All of his weaponry was down in the workroom or hidden away with his armor.

If this intruder intended to harm him, he was on his own. The voice was suddenly on the other side of the room. Tony raised an eyebrow suspiciously as he looked up toward the ceiling. Then he smiled. The shadow of a man crept across the ceiling into the pool of light cast by the small bedside lamp.

Spiderman leapt lightly down from where he clung to the ceiling and stood in the middle of Tony's bedroom. Spiderman took a step toward the bed. Tony stood up and grabbed the gloved hand, pulling Peter to him. Peter kissed him hard and pulled the webbed gloves off. Tony tried to help remove skintight suit, but after a moment he sighed in frustration.

Tony's pajama pants were much easier to remove than the aerodynamic blue and red suit and it was not long before both men fell back onto Tony's bed.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Deadpool Avengers Justice League Ironman X-Men: Evolution My Little Pony Fantastic Four Harry Potter Percy Jackson and the Olympians Daredevil Young Justice DC Superheroes Loud House Smallville Teen Titans Sonic the Hedgehog Legend of Korra Captain America Agents of S. Star Wars Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Supergirl Sailor Moon 9.

X-Men: The Movie 9. Twilight 9. Black Panther 9. Danny Phantom 8. Winx Club 8. Batman: Arkham Asylum 8. Jessica Jones 8. Doctor Who 6. Mortal Kombat 6. Nightwing 6. Superman 6. Kim Possible 6. Totally Spies 6.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply Rocket Man by SlothBeans reviews Tony Stark has to face the realities of his own distant past when he finds himself caring for his new son, Peter Parker.

Unsure if he can face the scars built from his own father and past, he locks himself away to pursue a career of heroism. Meanwhile, Pepper Potts adopts the boy and raises him as her own. Life just wasn't fair by ThisColdHeartNeedsLove Tony sprinted through the dead creatures, his suit opened and he fell to the ground next to Peter.

His kid. He held his kid's head on his lap, and if he was frantically trying to take his mask off or check for injuries, he didn't know. He just wanted to be with him. He couldn't be dead, that wouldn't fair at all. But life just wasn't fair. Unresponsive by AgentMorganB reviews Peter was just coming for a visit, it was a regular Saturday It was supposed to be. Tony unexpectedly finds out that he has a son that not only did Obie keep from him, but also tried to kill.

He's not sure what to do, but knows that the best thing he can do is make sure the kid is safe, but from a distance, and leave him alone.

But first he has to find him. I'm Sorry by Fxreflies reviews No body is perfect; people make mistakes. We're human. Peter Parker is among those humans.

And, well, let's just say he's apologizing quite often. Involves "Mr. Almost like a "four times Peter apologized" and well, the fifth time I Saved You, Cinderella by alice. This was normal. Peter was lying beside him, his head pillowed on Tony's lap.

Also normal. Steve and Bucky chatting over coffee at his kitchen table? Not normal. Danger Pizza by alice. It looks like you're halfway there. A wild night on patrol leaves Peter with a broken back, and boy, does he want to be able to move without dying. He calls Tony Stark, obviously.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Adopted Teen Spider-man. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Peter Parker gets adopted or taken care of by the Avengers. A collection of stories that are fairly well or really well written and have an older Peter taken in by the Avengers. Edit: due to overwhelming support, this is now a doubled story - ten times an Avenger or two gave Peter a ride, and twice that they all came to his school. Poor kid. I'm telling you, he's not my son! Perhaps He's Not Missing Out After All by storymaker reviews Peter is devastated after he is told that he is not allowed to go on the field trip with the rest of his class tomorrow.

Tony steps in and tells him that he can stay at the tower on the day of the field trip. Only, Peter didn't realize that the field trip was to the tower, and guess who the lucky intern who gets to give them a tour is. Mask by hailingstars reviews The Avengers find an orphaned Peter Parker at an Oscorp Research Facility, and after they help each other escape, Tony decides it's probably a good idea to take him home and have him pretend to be his son in an undercover scheme to expose Norman's crimes.

He doesn't stay long, the abuse he receives there becoming too much. Despite being homeless, he still puts on the suit, Spider-Man getting him through when Peter Parker couldn't. It's a chance encounter that brings Tony and Peter together.

spiderman and ironman fanfiction

A Special Spider by DopamineLover reviews Peter Parker meets the Avengers on accident, and ends up spending more and more time with his heroes. What will happen when the Avengers find out what Peter does in his free time? Just a fun idea I had.

spiderman and ironman fanfiction

Rated T because I'm paranoid. Mild language But I'm refraining. No slash. Only pairing may be Peter and Gwen. He was young, yet the most kind. He was young, yet the most damaged. He was young, yet the most intelligent. He was young, yet the most lost.

He was young, yet the Avengers found him. Peter Parker died but from ashes, someone else rose, someone stronger, braver, smarter.

Spider-Man was found.

spiderman and ironman fanfiction

Just some Irondad Spiderkid fluff. Using the "five times" trope I've been seeing recently. No spoilers. The Guardian by EmilyF. But it's not just a traumatized super-teen he'll have to worry about when he receives a transmission from Thor. Amazing cover by angel-gidget on Tumblr!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Bucky Barnes stands in the middle of a battlefield and watches as the love of his life turns to dust in front of him.

Peter Parker cradles Tony Stark's body in his hands as the man he looks up to and cares for disintegrates right before his eyes. Hope Van Dyne watches as the man she loves crumbles before her. Stephen Strange knew it wasn't supposed to happen this way. The future he saw was different, he wasn't supposed to survive the Snap. The world's mightiest heroes are all gone and Earth has no one to avenge her.

Loki watches as half the people he and Valkyrie managed to smuggle off of the ship Thanos had attacked turn to dust. He knows then that they had lost. He has nothing left. It's an idea formed from the most desperate people. Desperation makes people do desperate things and Peter Parker is full of desperation. He'll do anything to bring him back. Siempre posa derecho.

Peter is pounds and miserable at only He decides enough is enough and signs up for a gym membership and personal training lessons. With Tony as his trainer, Peter learns that there's more to the journey than just losing weight.

The forces that be put Peter and Tony Stark in each other's paths again. Will they rekindle their romance, or will they resist? Tony gets knocked out of the sky on the way home from a mission and finds himself stranded in an out of the way animal shelter with Peter.

Peter lives with his aunt who owns a quaint little bed and breakfast in a quiet seaside town in Maine. Tony stays for two weeks around Labor Day. The time they have together is fleeting, but Peter will never forget his first love.

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